Track 20

Dates: 2013-2022

Role: Subcontractor to Avenir Health

Donors: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Track20 is a global project that monitors progress toward family planning use in the 69 poorest countries in the world. Track20 staff in-country work with staff at Track20 headquarters to identify and create data collection systems that produce relevant family planning data, perform data quality checks, and


  • Improve the systems for collecting and reporting on family planning indicators at the national and provincial level, most notably through the national health information system (SNIS);
  • Strengthen local capacity to interpret and use data from the SNIS for family planning;
  • Disseminate new tools developed at the international level used to monitor family planning; and
  • Generate reliable data for FP2020 indicators, reported annually.

conduct analysis that encourages the use of data for strategic decision-making. Track20 works in close collaboration with the D5 Directorate of the Minister of Health, responsible for the national health information system (known locally as SNIS).

In the DRC, Track20 supports a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) officer whose multiple responsibilities are to improve the collection, processing and use of family planning data; identify and analyze data from existing sources in-country.The various activities under Track20 contribute to strengthening the capacity of local organizations and individuals to analyze, interpret, and utilize data for programmatic purposes.

Track20 convenes an annual consensus meeting, in which health professionals from all 26 provinces meet to review current family planning statistics, extract data from the SNIS for their own provinces, and develop skills to critically analyze these data. In addition to building capacity in data interpretation and utilization, the consensus meeting validates the statistics that feed into the FP2020 indicator database for the 69 poorest countries in the world.